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murder rate. abc 7 news joins with us more. nick? >> good afternoon this, has been one of the toughest neighborhoods and one of the small business owners that i spoke with today says she'll not live in fear and she belongs here. police hoping that those feel the way she does will have a way to fight back against violent crime. >> this is issues in pockets if you're playing with the crowd that is what is going to happen. >> and she knows about violence and it has avoided skmer restaurant. she thinks she nes why. >> we communicate with the people in the neighborhood. they look out for us. >> communicate. that is what city leaders are trying to do. >> many are reluctant to come forward with information. >> there is a effort to reduce crime and there is a a number of those killed by gun violence to 906789 today the department introduced tip watch there is a new tool to fight crime. >> the goal tips can not be identified by police. the information inen crypted and web secure. the service allows information to be sent via text messaging or e mail. and there is saying community involvement is
. >> there is a sense of urgency here, when you lose you go home. so... i mean i'm sure hunter will remind us today before the game but... i think we all kind of know. >> it's going to be ryan voguelsong tonight and you have more games to win, but you've got to win four out of your next five that. is tough to do. i'm mike shumann abc news. >> wine freedman has highlights fans can expect at tonight's game. wayne? >> we've been here all day. it's been interesting to watch this place come to life from sleepy downtown san frn this morning to the place that it is tonight. vibrant. the center of the city and nation. some fans began arriving at 10:00 this morning zwrouft get a sense of the area. but the countdown began past two. giants took the field looking loose and business-like. fans can only hope to hit the ball as well tonight as they did here, we're just minutes from game time. no word as who will throw out the first pitch. they're keeping this a secret. we know who sang the national anthem. it's a familiar face. third base coach tim flannery joined bob weir from the grateful dead. he sings in his
he had been out all night drinking. >> residents say the road is used as a bypass during commute hours by those trying to avoid heavy traffic. speeding has been a problem here. >> there are maichbacks. i'm scared and i say a prayer every time i leave the house. >> we're sorry there are injuries it would have been horrible had students been in this streets or sidewalks when this happened. >> there are cans and debris. one man is in custody. police say another already had a warrant for his arrest and there is another twist. there is a rental car according to police, this car confirmed to us that it is one of theirs but it's unclear at this point whether the person driving was the person who rented it. in antioch, abc 7 news. >> okay, thank you. it could be a long night in san francisco. supervisors decide wlg ross mirk rim -- mirkarimi will be removed from office this, is a live picture inside of the chambers right now using cell 7 technology. 300 people are inside and there is everyone, we understand, who wants to speak will be given a chance. >> this could be a late night. there
do want to talk to. if they're not the suspects hopefully they can give us information that will lead us to the suspects. >> and in that pursuit two, suspects are on the way to washington state and this is to interview law enforcement and hopefully this couple and will be looking at whether or not they have a connection and there are police saying they've notified the family about the developments and there is more for you as this story unfolds in hercules. >> thank you very much. we're going to shift gears and want to talk about playoff geefr. there is about 15 minutes ago in cincinnati. they struggled through first three games and not today. there is a first of three giant home runs there is the team forcing a game three here on the west coast. there is live team coverage. >> that is right. there is across the paul park, fans are gone but what an afternoon it was. there is to come from two games to winning two games i tell you, people are believing again. some having a late lunch. some got off work early and here into the 7th or 8th inning. there is fans talking about how they neede
,344. nasdaq gave back 67. s and p fell 24 points. >> transportation officials using new technology to fight congestion here in the bay area. the goal here is to reduce traffic time and congestion for the nearly 300,000 car that's travel along i 80 every day. when completed project will include new technologies including variable speeds and lane use signs. and metering lights based on traffic flow. >> this will help us better monitor traffic, communicate information to a central location and respond to changing conditions while advising drivers of conditions ahead. >> it affects traffic and expected to be finished by 2014. >> it's due or die for san francisco giants tonight in st. louis. wayne freedman is live in st. louis with the latest for us. >> good evening, we're just outside busch stadium. fans seem to think they have this in the bag. what does that say? pride goes behind the fall? one fan thinks he's got a special way to wake up the giants tonight. here he is. die three in cardinals land. and despite the view from rooms it's looking good. what is that? there is a flash of orange outs
news. >> a huge mess out there. thank you. right now, the u.s. coast guard is searching for two people who disappearance when their fishing boat capsized. it happened in san mateo county. it's been six hours and the search continues for two men who have not made it to shore. we are at stanford medical center where rescue crews rushed one of the survivors. >> it seems like a pretty guesscy day at the samford medical center. he was airlifted here earlier in the day. they tell us he is one of four people on a fishing expedition earlier today. deputies say the 18-foot boat they were aboard was tossed by a large wave as they were close to shore. as you see from the images, the boat crashed on some rocks and came to rest upside down. coast guard helicopter and a number of rescue boats were launched to look for the two people who remain missing in the water but the teams have now started winding down their efforts. i talked with a nearby residents who said one of the survivors made it to his house to call 911 and then he went to try to help. >> it wasn't that big of a boat. that, and the life
three other americans were killed on the anniversary of september 11th during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the sfaemz he was there at that time because he was helping to establish a center. one of those who will give remarks today as i said is libyan ambassador to the united states and the man state department has chosen to investigate thomas pickering will address the crowd. california senator feinstein, congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the slain ambassador as will former secretary of state george shultz. those with spoke to say is a fitting tribute. >> i served two years in prague. i appreciate all he did. >> he was just a wonderful person. he joked we could call him your excellence yensy when he became ambassador. he was the last person expected to be treated differently. >> he treated people well. >> that woman was a close friend for more than 20 years. she flew in from washington, d.c.. the family going to have a private ceremony later this month in grass valley where christopher stevens was born. thank you. >> we're streaming the service on
are these costing us? do you have a basic car with an 18 gallon tank there is about 25 miles to the gallon. you're paying 17 to drive. if $5.65 it's governmenting you $83 to fill up. so temporary spike may not hit as hard as you think. california does have the cleanest gas but we do pay the price for it. coming up standards that are fueling part of the jump. >> and there are new signs the economy is improving. unemployment fell to its lower level since 2008. this is the first time it's been under the 8% mark in four years so there is a significant event. mitt romney says the drop isn't good enough. >> reason its come down is more people just stopped looking for work. >> this news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to store points. it's a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> this romney campaign feeling energized but the jobs report may squash some of the phone shall momentum. stocks rally early and there is a mixed closing dow closed at 13610. >> new unsealed legal documents reveal details in the case of a san jose teacher accused of child molestation. that
in the deciding game of the national league championship series. wayne freedman joins us is wet weather affecting fields? >> to a degree, if you look at the infield it appears to be driving as you scrape the dirt away it's wet. the field is built for that. otherwise have you two teams left out of 16 let's talk about game seven pressure. >> is it any different between lines? >> oh, yes. in game seven you know it can cost you not only whether you go to world series or whether you go home and watch world series on tv. >> greg elliott knows about game seven pressure, too. he's a guy with a mess on his hands this morning and a playable field this afternoon. it's softer than usual. >> hopefully this can prevent ground roll. >> does that help giants? or cardinals? >> it's equal from both teams. >> blue skies equaling high hopes. >> hopefully we'll throw another perfect game. >> any player will tell you a seventh game is special and rare. last time san francisco saw a seventh game, 1962. against yankees bottom of the 9th two on, two out. willy mccovey at bat. >> if you have a big game in game seven sprem
the u.s., potentially threatening some 50 million people. they're boarding up in new york where parts of manhattan are under evacuation orders. hurricane sandy is making her presence felt along the north carolina coast. it's bringing rain, big waves and strong winds. and here's a live picture from atlantic city, new jersey. the camera is shaking in the wind ask there's rain there as well. sandy is expected to get a power punch when it collides with two other storms, and that super storm could dump rain or snow over 800 miles from the east coast to the great lakes. >>> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. we beginning our team coverage of the developing storm with leigh glaser. i understand sandy is expected to come ashore tomorrow? >> leigh: late monday night, throughout the morning hours on tuesday, and looks like atlantic city could be the place where the superstorm makes landfall. let get to live doppler 7hd. you can see -- we're going to put the satellite on there as well. cape hatteras, north carolina, 50 miles-per-hour winds, virginia beach, virginia as well. 4
. >> and he was cited and the manager at the store says he was supposed to dress in costume for work but used bad judgment. >> just had poor judgment in wearing as driving so this is pretty funny he got pulled over. >> can you imagine reaction? >> the grenade and a gas mask while drive something yes. they're probably freaked out. >> i would. >> he was supposed to be waving this hand sign to draw customers into the store. he alarmed people and rerned a lesson. >> i knew it's going to attract people's attention but didn't think they're going to go as far as as being worried and calling 911. >> and there is an important warning and that is be careful as you choose your costumes. try to remember some of the weapons can be real looking and it's for the police and public to know whether they're fake, or real. david louie abc 7 news. >> and there is a eleven lugs and a bit of relieve tonight.d e fall otin this nghbong to catch sleep ere msi erland. ann a tent and the 6:00 p.m.led and began theonnug util children up incredible. >> i thi the problem is that there is no one notified. >> and the music
to remember sister to vote by mail is october 30th. and there is you can be sure to stay with us for the coverage of the visit. our live team coverage at 6:00 and throughout the evening police looking for a man who sexual assaulted a woman walking to a bart station. it happened about 6:00 along delta regional train trail in eastern contra costa county. the man fondled her and police say the woman screamed and the man took off, running. glad to say the woman was not seriously hurt. and st new details emerge from the killing of a hercules woman. her body wooz found friday night. her family doing everything they can to track down the killer and abc 7 news is live in hercules tonight with more on the story. >> we're just talking with her daughters telling us they're getting a tremendous response on the internet. police asked for, and received, help from the fbi. >> we want to know who did this. >> with fbi combing through her home, her family and friends want her killer captured. >> i hope for anything possible that will lead to finding the person that did to this to my mom. >> polic
accustomed to using the web. campaigns see this as an opportunity to swing the outcomes one way or another. prop 30 temporarily raises taxes to avoid more cuts. public opinion polls motivated a number of stud dwronts register to vote. >> there are a lot of different things that have to do with us this year. so it's nice having a say. >> school is getting harder for us students to pay for tuition ask our classes now. >> new voters are tractive targets. >> if pulling a 50, 50, you bring out 500,000 voters it can make a difference. >> the question is how many of the registered will vote? >> as you probably know it's game day in san francisco. world series just about to get underway. fans spent the day waiting to get in. once they do it's not just bag checks but dog sniffers. even radiation dedoctors. homeland security is on the scene. this gives you a good idea of how much it will cost to you park. $75. that the lot one block from the ballpark instead of paying flat rate you can take public transportation. we're live, no cheap seats for the games. >> no you and i should go into parking lot bu
't mind you never know this, is good. and this keeps us safe. >> i get someone, then, i walk away. >> and the district attorney says the investigation continues and that he says it's likely there will be more incident at other schools. that is why they're not releasing a mug shot to us. >> thank you. oakland police are dealing with a rash of gun violence that loft five people dead z there is one man pronounced dead at the scene. another taken into custody. there is two men shot while sitting in a van. two men last night shot and killed in separate shootings miles apart. >> and a man found a stranger rummaging through his car helped lead police to a woman they believe is responsible for several thefts. police arrested a 30-year-old on folsom street and say lee was in possession of stolen property from two other cases. plan to disband the milpitas police department has hit a snag. the city council voted to start accepting bids for the work and sheriff's department expressed interest in this idea. and there is a $9 kblinl budget deficit. the mayor asked for input before the city goes
to -- newcomers to the playoffs. rick quan joins us live with a preview of the best of seven series. rick? reporter: this should be a great series. a pair of teams that refuse to lose. at friday, st. louis trailed washington 6-0. they were down to their final strike twice but still managed to win. david disalvo who went to uc davis, tied the game at 7-7 in the nine william with the two-run single. the rookie pete put the cardinals on top with a two-rung single. st. louse scored four in the ninth to advance to the nlcs. the largest come back in a winner take all postseason game. >> both club s had their bath to the wall, we did going into cincinnati, had to win three straight. they found a way to get it done. so that's a lot about the two clubs, the character, and how hard they fight and should be a hard-fought series here. >> i think what we did proved to a lot of people it's not over until it's over. pretty much everybody counted us out and we were able to find back. >> madison bumgarner will be on the mound tonight. he has pitched very well this season at at&t park. he will be oopinions
northern california division. all of them will be used to provide support and get things up and running. so we're happy to send crews out there to restore customers. we've got 150 employees going from northern and central california that. is designed so we can still maintain safe operations here in california while we're helping our utilities on the coast coast. >> most of the teams have helped other agencies before. the teams expected to arrive in white plains new york in the morning and will hit the ground running. relieving some of the team that's are already working and have been working, around the clock in the field most of them have been just trying to restore power lines assess damage and find out what it is they need. that is why pg&e is determined to get there tonight, if they can. i want you to see these teams that are headed to new york tonight. hope floi get there before midnight but by morning they say they're determined to get brothers and sisters on the east coast up and running again. >> nick, thank you very much. the red cross making a plea for blood donations tonight. the
. >> thank you very much. and a's tell us that they tell abc 7 fan support played a huge part in helping team keep up mow meant wrum. sky 7 is live right now with those fans arriving. our mike shumann is on the ground with the latest. hey, shu. >> this is what professional athletes live for. championship game that determine whether you get a step closer to the world series or go home for the winter. a's, and detroit about 90 minutes away. fans jazzed from last night. start at bottom nine, josh redic first hit of the game. there is a double and ties the game that ended with coco chris walk off base hit. 15th walk off win of the year, series tied at two apiece today, players warming up, a's loose. there is josh redic throwing a football with teammates. they know now pressure may go to tigers. >> you've got to think the pressure switches to detroit. they've lost two straight. >> yeah. they've got their best pitcher on the mound as do we. it's going to be an interesting game. we know we've got a battle. he threw a heck of a game over there. home fully, home field advantage will be there for us. >
administer cpr. police officers and firefighters working that day talked to us on the condition we conceal their identities stressing it can take a toll on saving lives. >> of this just becomes unrecoverable. >> it doesn't end up with a glaring result. >> city officials acknowledge 17 to 18 minutes is a typical response time for a call such as this. the goal is 11 minute buzz that doesn't take into account how firefighters must stage a block or two away. >> this is frustrating. we're trained to save lives and help people. to just sit there is excruciating at times. >> while firefighters waited the victim died. this helps to under score the fact paramedics may be prevented from doing their job because of regulations. the rules bar them from entering into a potentially dangerous situation until a police officer declares this scene safe. >> there is a search and rescue place underway for a missing hollister mother. her suv found burning about 2:00 in the morning thursday. she dropped her child off and never showed up to pick up her child that afternoon. calls from her family went unanswered.
've seen investigators on the scene but they're not giving us any information about what could have happened. live in brentwood abc 7 news. >> thank you. an evacuation in south san francisco just has been lifted about noon today a strong odor forced evacuations just north of colma creek. two people taken to the hospital for breathing problems. >> now let's move you to the wernl. we've seen sunshine to rain and snow. first major storm of the season dropped several inches of snow and caught people by surprise, too. several drivers got stranded in the snow in placer county. roads caused many spijout overnight. the road now is open. let's take a look at road conditions this evening in the sierra. there you go, chains required over interstate 80 most of the day. because several inches of snow fell. sandhya? >> let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we have lightning strikes and moisture headed our way. here is where we've been seeing light showers around clear lake. check out this moisture here, we do have a red cell here that is heading towards bay area. it may not makeup. there is some mor
tuesday morning. fbi could be confirms they're helping police in this. the father tells us justin may be going to meet in new york. >> today marks one-year anniversary since oakland police forced occupy protestors out of frank ogowa plaza. sky 7 is live where a crowd, you can see, is beginning to gather. a demonstration took place there this afternoon. some businesses have already boarded up windows. police are bracing for violence. the protestors including iraq war veteran injured a year ago say they'll keep an eye out for police brutality. >> i don't think officers actions have changed yet. i want to put pressure to make changes. >> city officials say there will be zero tolerance for vandalism tonight. port of oakland is also on alert. >> state of california sued to take masks off some of the mystery donors pushing of anonymous dollars into the campaign to defeat a tax measure on the ballot. nannette? >> federal law doesn't require nonprofits to disclose donors but a new rule does a law just filed by the attorney general is the first test of the power. >> californians one step close
are carrying the load this big bay weekend. good evening, i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. let's head outside and tike -- take a live look at the objection on the embarcadero. there has been a but rush of people out for this jam-packed weekend and so far the city is proving it can handle it. sir glois the middle of the action. >> by some estimates there are about a million people that are supposed to be coming into the city today, and that's because there's so many things going on this weekend. i was checking out twitter. it's actually trending with its own hash tag, big bay weekend. jets soaring overhead are usually the only things oddexes have to pay attention to on fleet week but on day two of this by bay weekend the jets had some competition. >> we come down here every year see the blue angels and americas cup was here, too. >> from marina dreams, fans got a prerare air show, then the teams set sail for the latest stage of the competition. >> when it's on tv we watch it, but since it was here, we came. >> sailing and aerial acrobatics would be plenty for a fun weekend-but keep in
lated. u.s. supreme court says it's okay to give unlimited amounts to ballot measures.. >> telling voters this isn't for everyone. you know? you can see this many wealthy people putting in giant sums of money, it's unprecedented. >> california common cause took a lot of money during a previous election because it couldn't get reforms through the legislature. the group says someone has to pay for those ads and campaign efforts. >> to qualify takes an incredible amount of time and energy and money. that is to gather signatures needed and required by the constitution. >> money doesn't always win. the california voter foundation says voters only approve a third because it's harder to convince people to vote yes. >> you cannot buy voters votes. >> humane society got prop 2 passed largely on a grass roots effort. now, hens have to have more room in cages. to see a list, you can go to our web site abc 7 news.com and click it on see it on tv. >> all right. thank you so much. >> coming up here rice of something that kids all over the bay area and america eat for lunch every day is about to
end... up unbelievable. >> and i tell you what. i'll stick around. >> earlier the mayor told us there is a good feeling about team. >> and that is what they can be going for now that they're headed to the division series. >> do you think this should be another movie? >> yes. this is qualifying for movie making. >> and i'm sure the folks would love to be in the next movie. right? i don't know if you can hear me. this is an indication of how far a's have come for the beginning of the season. and there is this morning, 12-1 and today, even better. and congratulations autos and we have to move on to other news of the day. there is a san jose family hit twice by blrs is fighting to get something back. thieves took nico, just a puppy. it's drawing attention and there is the dog's owner digging into her piggy bank to come up with a reward. >> right. this home was burglarized last summer in august. owners did make security improvements and this week, the thieves managed to get through this gailt and have taken something that has devastated the family. this is where the burglars broke in
to be cancelled. david louie joins us with that part of the story. >> there is no question vacationers had difficulty getting back to the east coast but some people missed plane connection goesing to europe. cancellation of 150 flights here today have left a lot of people scrambling to trying alternative ways to get to the east coast. a number of airlines set up special counters to handle rebookings. some found they had to come up with their own. this family's return flight was cancelled yesterday. >> only way we can figure out how to get home before wednesday was to fly to st. louis, through denver with a three hour ler then drive chusetts, 22 hours. >> that is a nightmare its a mess, a mess. but you know i just hope we're driving. >> some resident couldn't reach her airline by phone. >> i stayed on the phone 20 minutes. nobody answered. just rings and rings then you're on hold. >> in all 150 inbound and outbound flights were cancelled. 17 major airports shut down, minute meta also faced cancellations. sfo airport spokesman says it won't be easy for airlines to make up for cancellations..
, is going to bring us the moderate rain during the monday morning commute. we'll pinpoint just when you can expect the heaviest amounts of precipitation, coming up later. >> developing news right now. a horror and tragedy in wisconsin where a gunman killed three people and wounded four nor a spa, then took his own life. the shooting occurred in the town of brookfield just outside milwaukee at the azana day spa. the body of 45-year-old radcliffe haughton was found mid look with the victims. >> some woman crawled out the front door and rolled down the hill, and the cops scooped her up and taken her to the ambulance, and they had taken off with her. then we heard a large shriek, and we saw them picking up another woman. >> police revealed radcliffe's wife worked at the spa, but not if she is one of the victims. >> in vallejo, an early morning domestic disturbance leads to a fire and a police shooting. this evening, one man is dead and many questions remain. reporter: this is the aftermath of a bizarre rampage two men, known only as jason and jeremiah, went on in the early morning hours. >> dis
used to smoke oxycontin. there was marijuana grow under the house, hanging in the garage. >> this case may be expanded to include allegations of under age sex. >> there are allegations that might relate to child porn pornography. >> i want to correct a detail. investigators say bonham is accused of writing prescriptions for one thousand pills for roommates not one thousand prescriptions. he appears for arraignment. if convicted he could be facing 25 years in prison. >> david, thank you very much. we're going to shift gears. heat is on making it a glorious diin the bay area. is a warm up there? >> i'm melting out here. it's beautiful here. we have the best view in town let's check out the red flag warning tonight for north bay mountains and diablo range. it will run until thursday at 8:00 a.m. winds gusting to 20 to 30 miles per hour with very low yale tiff humidity, 15% to 30%. with dry fuels concern is fire danger phone shall. explosive growth phone shall. be careful out there. check out live doppler 7. we're seeing rain moving through that area. a severe line of thunderstorms moving
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